We begin by having conversations.

Together we create a nonjudgmental environment that allows for free flowing conversation by:

  • Talking to boys in a way that honors their pride and masculinity.

  • Teaching boys that emotional courage is courage .

  • Showing boys that there are many ways to be a man often times there is a too narrow definition of masculinity

  • Recognizing and accepting boys need a high activity level 

  • Demonstrating what it means to be a good man so boys can witness that men are not defined by society's riues, but by the kinds of people we are inside.

Topics include but not limited too:

  • Managing our friendships.

  • Understanding how important it is to live with integrity.

  • Being inclusive. 

  • Respecting ourselves, others & community.

  • How to act in kindness.

  • Uncovering gender bias & stereotypes.

Our fun group activities allow the boys to:

  • Reflect & problem-solve. 

  • Learn the tools needed to respond to real-life scenarios.

  • Learn how they can positively impact the world.

What does The 1 For All Project offer? 

Weekly workshops:

For 2nd/3rd grade & 4th/5th grade boys only (parents drop off).

Evening starts with icebreaker, leads to a discussion of the weekly theme, followed by a group activity, then come back to the larger group to discuss what we did, how it felt, and what we learned.

Parents receive correspondences regarding topics and helpful hints on how to keep the conversation going at home.

Boys-only workshop:

This 45-minute workshop takes place during the school day is geared towards the 2nd/3rd grade or 4th/5th grade.

Format and purpose is very similar to the weekly workshops.  

Parent-only workshops: 

Past topics have been ”How to Connect With Your Sons”, “Boys to Men: Staying Connected To Your Adolescent”, “Calming the Storm: De-escalating & Prevention Strategies”.

Topics can be customized to specific issues and geared towards any child age group.


After School Enrichment Program: 

Offering boys in 2nd/3rd & 4th/5th grade an opportunity to meet weekly as part of the already established after school enrichment program.  This option is similar to our weekly evening workshops but the added convenience of having it take place right after school is a bonus. 

Interested in participating in our group workshops? We would love to have you join us! Our next group workshop will begin in Winter 2020.

Interested in having us come to your child's school or host a parent workshop? Email us info@the1forallproject.com

"The topics that were covered in these sessions really sparked continued conversation with my son outside of the group context. He showed that he was able to take the points we addressed as a group and apply them to his own friendships and relationships. He seems more contemplative when discussing how he communicates with and listens to friends, siblings, teachers, and parents. He has even incorporated some of the tools he learned in the group into these interactions!"

-  Parent  of a 4th grader

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The 1 For All Project

The 1 For All Project