Who Are We?

Jennifer Gellin Brown, Founder and Facilitator

I am a mom, I believe in boys, in their energy, their kindness, their courage and their tenacity.

I believe that an exchange of ideas, willingness for understanding and the power of authenticity can create growth within one person and that growth can be paid forward to the many.

My professional background started with a BA in Psychology, then a MA in School Counseling, which led me to work as a High School Guidance Counselor. From there my jobs have varied but I have mostly worked with high school or college aged students, supporting them and motivating them to be their best selves.

Matthew Saadat, Facilitator

As a stay at home father I have embraced many different childrearing philosophies and parenting techniques in raising my two children. As they have grown and changed, I quickly learned that my approach also needed to grow and change. 

Being the primary care giver allows me the time to get involved with my children, their friends and their interests. Whether it is as a coach or as a classroom volunteer my goal is to instill confidence and to have fun.


Recently my personal interests have been on practicing meditation and exploring Buddhism.

Join Us:

Interested in getting involved as a guest speaker or co-facilitator with The 1 For All Project? Reach out to info@the1forallproject.com

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